Thursday, November 27

Thankful Thursday

So appropriate that Thanksgiving falls on a Thankful Thursday. I am so blessed. Life is not without it's challenges but overall life is good.
  1. My Mom- have I mentioned that she's amazing? Seriously- my mom is the best!!! She's kind, loving, uber-patient and fun. Everyone who knows her loves her (I can only think of one exception and that person's opinion doesn't count)
  2. The rest of my crazy family- We're a bunch of loonies but we all love each other no matter what and that's all that counts.
  3. My job- How many people are lucky enough to say that they never have a bad day at work? I am so blessed to have a job I enjoy doing and to work with such wonderful friends.
  4. My cat- Only another cat lover will understand this one.
  5. My friends- the ones I talk to daily and the ones I only talk to once in a while- they make me feel important and loved.
  6. School- It's not fun, it takes up my time, and a lot of the time I really just want to drop out but I am thankful that I am getting my education (finally).
  7. Chocolate and Diet Coke- these two things are always on my list =)
Happy Turkey Day to all my loved ones, near and far! I hope your day is wonderful!!!

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Janelle said...

This is a neat list! Your Mom IS incredible. She is so talented, intelligent and kind -- I can see where you got those attributes from.
As for families, all of us have crazy families, but we all seem to love & accept each other in spite of our craziness & differences!
I completely agree about work. How did we all get so lucky to come together in the same place and have such a good time??

Now I can't remember what the other things were, but I agree with all of them, except maybe #7 (since I'm not a chocoholic and gave up soda drinking) but it's so fun to read your list!