Tuesday, November 4

Twilight Tuesday

Were you looking for my thoughts on the who won the election? Sorry! Who cares about election results when there's Twilight to gush over???? Some people really need to sort out their priorities *sheesh*

There is SO MUCH going on in the Twilight world these days. I can't even keep up and I help run a fansite- you would think I could stay on top of things but there's just too much! The media blitz has begun!
15 days people!!!!!

I'm just going to hit a few of the highlights-
Twilight Soundtrack is available today. I downloaded it from I-tunes so I could get the extra tracks. I've only listened to it a couple of times but I like what I've heard so far. A couple of thoughts I've had so far-
~Robert Pattinson does not have a voice that appeals to me. *ducks flying tomatoes* I just don't enjoy it.
~Bella's Lullaby is nothing like I imagined.
~Paramore is my new favorite band. Here's their video of Decode from the soundtrack-

Empire Magazine has an incredible photoshoot with some of the cast- check it out!

Blogger is being very difficult with me right now so I'm going to have to give up on this post. It took me forever to get those last pictures up. If you're looking for more Twilight news visit here or google Twilight =)


Britten said...

Hahah...yeah, screw the election (except I'm glad Prop 8 looks like it will win)....let's move on to bigger and better things like 15 MORE DAYS!!!!! AHHHHH!!!

I simply LOVE Bella's Lullaby!!! It's nothing like I imagined from the books but for the movie it is epic enough to be the overall Love Theme. Believe me, when they play little reprises of it here and there throughout the movie whenever there is a B&E moment, you will love it through and through!

I agree! Paramore ROCKS!

Rob's voice is sexy in it's own kind of way. I just wish I could understand the lyrics =/.

Inspired Kathy said...

Still undecided on the Twilight Soundtrack... I'm listening to it right now. But then I'm alternative is not my music of choice but I'm warming to it...

TJones said...

I am warming up to the soundtrack too. I already love Paramore, so Decode is awesome. And I really like the Linkin Park song. And of course I already love the Muse song, as I have their cd already. I'm not too sure about Bella's Lullaby, give me a few more days. =)