Tuesday, December 9

Caramel Goodness

No Twilight Tuesday post for me today- I'm still in shock about Catherine Hardwicke not returning to direct New Moon. I can't really even put my thoughts about it into words yet. Lisa did a great job though so if you really want to read about Twilight check out her blog here.

At work we decided that instead of giving Christmas gifts we were going to have treat day. Everyone is bringing treats tomorrow and we are just going to eat until we are sick. There will be no point totals or calorie counting. My contribution is caramel popcorn.

I started out with 1 1/2 cups of unpopped popcorn, added a few ingredients-

Get rid of the old maid's by using Bonnie's trick.

Boiled them all together

and ended up with this pile of caramel yumminess- mmmm....mmmm... good!!!


Inspired Kathy said...

What a fabulous trick. I hate biting into old maids that about break my teeth when eating caramel popcorn. What recipe did you use?

~tracy~ said...

seriously! you guys are always making caramel popcorn and no one is ever giving me any. its really kind of sad.

and i love treat day! better than presents any day.

Christy said...

That looks delicious! I want to make some now.