Monday, December 29

Girl's Night Out

A couple of my friends were in town from California for the holidays so we decided to have a little get together last week. We met downtown at The Lion House for a yummy dinner, fabulous conversation and lots of laughter. My friend Jen brought her newborn, Aidan, who was the star of the night. Nothing like a large group of women to oooh and awwww over a baby.

The Gang
Britten, Me, Jen
Lisa, Meg, Sarah and Amy

Britten and Aidan

Lisa and Sarah

One of the chefs brought us this pan of amazing raspberry orange pull apart things. They were to die for!!! I think he thought if he gave us more to eat we'd be quiet and leave! It didn't work out that way though. They also brought us each a dozen rolls before we left. They were so nice and patient with us!!!

After we left The Lion House we wandered through Temple Square and gazed at the lights. It was snowing lightly- it was beautiful!!

It's amazing to me how therapeutic a girl's night out can be. I didn't even realize I needed it but I felt so much better about a lot of things when the night was over. Thanks Gals!!! Love you!!!


Melissa said...

Okay, how stinkin' fun is that?!? I have no family in Utah, but I'm convinced that I just need to fly there on a cheap Jet Blue flight just for the halibut! You can all be my family and I'll just tell my hub it is absolutely necessary and therapeutic. Glad you had so much fun!

Lynners said...

Cute baby! Yummy-lookin' pull-aparts! I love the Lion House. That makes me laugh really hard that they were trying to boot you out the door!

Inspired Kathy said...

I so wish I lived 4 hours north of here!