Thursday, December 4

Thankful Thursday

I'm going to try to continue with Thankful Thursdays even though November is over. This week I am thankful for-
  • All the birthday love I received. I was going to try to let it slip by but between my family, my co-workers and all my on-line friends that didn't work out very well. They turned what would have been a very boring day into something special.
  • My I-tunes gift cards I got from Amanda and Amanda- they know me so well :)
  • Ibuprofen
  • School being over for the semester
  • Chick-flicks (I watched quite a few last weekend and they just make me happy)


Inspired Kathy said...

Hope your birthday was a happy one. Looks like you did get to celebrate it!

Christy said...

Aren't chick flicks the best ever. If I could never see another horror movie and could only watch chick flicks I would die happy!