Thursday, December 18

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for~
  • Flannel Sheets
  • Tylenol Cold
  • Comfy jammies
  • a parking spot in the garage
  • Girl's Night Out
  • The Mo Tab Christmas Concert
  • Lyn and her listening skills (sorry for the emotional meltdown the other night)


Britten said...

Hmmmm...very yummy things to be thankful for, indeed. Can't wait to see you!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I so hope I wasn't part of the cause for the meltdown the other night. I know I say stupid things totally unintentionally. I am sorry to hear you are sick.

~tracy~ said...

Sorry you had an emotional meltdown. :( That makes me feel bad. You know you can call me if you need to. Anytime, ok?

Lynners said...

You are adorable. We all have off days; it so wasn't a big deal. I had the BEST time at that concert. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for taking me!!!!!!