Saturday, January 3

Christmas Eve

Mom, Dad and I left very, very early Wednesday morning headed for Denver. Luckily Mother Nature was on our side and we had sunny skies all the way there. It was extremely windy across Wyoming. I had really sore fingers from the death grip I had on the steering wheel by the time my driving turn was over. We tried to get a picture of the blowing wind but it didn't turn out well.

We arrived in Denver safe and sound in the early afternoon. That evening was the Eaton family party so when we got to Lyn's house (where Leif and Laura are living right now) all the Eaton kids were there. That included Leif, Laura and their 4 kids, Laura's brother Brian and his wife Julianna and their son Mason, Laura's brother Nate and his wife Stacy and their three kids Evan, Austin and Lindsay, and Laura's Aunt and Cousin. It was quite a houseful and we had a fabulous night! We had a wonderful dinner, played games, did skits, decorated gingerbread trees and opened presents. It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve. Here are a few random shots of the evening~
One of the skits required group participation. This is a clip of the boys singing Rudolph like the Chipmunks, it was hysterical!


Christy said...

It sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for thinking of me while my Mom is not doing well. Hopefully she'll get better soon. In the meantime, I'm totally looking forward to some TM time coming up. Can't wait!!

Inspired Kathy said...

Death grip or not the snow sure does make things beautiful!

~tracy~ said...

oh my gosh shori looks soooooo much like leif!

and nick is checking your blog like every 15 minutes to see if you posted pics from new years eve yet, haha.

Melissa said...

How fun! Oh, I have so much to say! Chipmunk singing was awesome; I have never thought to make a gingerbread tree, so I'm filing that away until next year; I miss having a house full of family as mine have all moved away now; and is that Christmas Bingo with pom-pom balls? What a great idea! I just love Christmas Eve, especially when you can spend it with those you love.

Lynners said...

I love your pics! Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

Shori is so cute with all that wrapping paper!