Monday, January 26

Star Light Star Twilight

Found this gem on Overhead in the Ward today and I just had to repost it-

Primary teacher: What should be do every night before we go to bed?
9-year-old primary girl: I know! We should read Twilight because Edward is SO hot!
9-year-old primary girl #2: No way. That’s not it… We should read Twilight every night because Jacob Black is WAY more hotter! DUH!

Overheard by: Steph an the Mire


Bonnie the Boss said...

snort! That is funny!

Amie and Karl said...

that is so funny Twilight was said in one of our Primary classes and it was about Edward being hot and the teacher just laughed the girl was talking the movie but still Edward and the teacher I think said he had read the books but had not seen the movie of course I pretty much fell over and practically in the room LOL

Melissa said...

Wow. Some smart 9-year-olds!

Christy said...

How do you not love that? I hope one day I'll have a daughter who'll think Edward is a hottie too.