Thursday, January 29

Thankful Thursday

How did it get to be Thursday already? My goodness! It seems like I just did this. Anyways... This week I am thankful for~
  • the willpower to not slam on my brakes so the gal that was riding my bumper this morning would slam into me and maybe learn a lesson.
  • All my family members having birthday's this week- Austin, David, Denise and Tracy. Happy Birthday guys!!!
  • Surviving Wednesdays (they are my longest day of the week and it's always an accomplishment when I make through them)
  • That I'm not an accounting major.
  • Inspiring friends like those that are supporting Shari
  • An adorable girl that brought me a Krispy Kreme after her field trip
  • American Idol- it's silly and superficial but it's fun and an escape from real life


Georgia said...

I am thankful that yesterday I had the willpower TO slam on my brakes so as not to slam into the woman who decided to flip a U-Turn, where she didn't have enough space and then had to back up and go forward again, all as I was going through a green light... I considered hitting her... briefly.

Melissa said...

Yay willpower! It would have been satisfying...only for a moment. Then you would have had to deal with the insurance and the repair people, etc. That wouldn't have been fun. Good for you!