Tuesday, February 17

25 bits of randomness

My 25 things that I posted on Facebook~
1. My dream car is a red convertible mini-cooper.
2. I failed my driver's test the first time I took it because I hit another car.
3. I have lived in Missouri, Texas (San Antonio X2 and El Paso), Colorado (Colorado Springs and Denver), Virginia (DC area), Hawaii, Utah and Germany all courtesy of the US Army.
4. I'm very glad I am an Army brat. At the time I hated moving so much but looking back on it I can see that it has shaped me into the person I am today.
5. I love to read. I would rather read than do just about anything.
6. I have many literary boyfriends- Gilbert Blythe was my first. He was joined by Teddy Kent, Mr. Darcy, Edward Cullen, Joshua Steed, Ron Weasley (stop laughing!), Ian O'Shea and most recently Po.
7. I tend to be a cynical person but I think that I must secretly be a romantic because I love chick-flicks and romance novels.
8. I have no problem going to the movies by myself.
9. I've lived in Utah for 10 years and I still don't feel like it's home. I would move in an instant if the right opportunity presented itself.
10. Heidelberg, Germany is my favorite city on earth.
11. I love men that can sing. The majority of my music collection is men.
12. My favorite colors are purple and green. I do not like pink.
13. I love all things Twilight. (shocking isn't it?!?!)
14. I'm very thankful for my Twilight obsession because it's led me to some of the best friends a girl could ever have.
15. I love cats. I do not love decorations or clothes with cats on them.
16. I was once stalked by a killer cow. If you don't believe me I can produce two very reliable witnesses.
17. I hate motorcycles. You couldn't pay me enough to get on one.
18. I have been cliff diving once and it was amazing! I would love to go again.
19. I want to live by the ocean.
20. I would love to be a professional photographer. My dream job would be with National Geographic.
21. I'm a slob. It didn't used to be so bad but now that I don't have roommates and no one comes to my house it's bad. It's always a good thing when my Mom is coming to visit because it inspires me to clean.
22. I'm addicted to the internet. The thought of being disconnected scares me, I can't help it- my friends live in my computer!
23. I loathe ironing.
24. I've been in love once in my life. He didn't want me.... his loss!!!!
25. I used to be freaked out about the idea of being single but now I really enjoy it. If Mr.Wonderful happens to show up in his silver Volvo and wants to drive off into the sunset with me that will be great.... if not I'll drive myself!


the4ofusut said...

Really?!?! You don't like pink, huh? Never would have guessed 'cause i've seen you a rock a really cool pink shirt... ;)

Kimberly said...

And I thought it was me you were in love with until today? I love that I live in your computer 'cause you live in mine.

Melissa said...

You are too cute. I love your list. I also live by the beach and can hook you up with a great realtor in the Southern CA beach area. *wink*

Do people buy you things with cats on them? Just wondering. Oh, and I think Ron is kinda cute. He comes in 2nd after that Diggory kid. :)