Thursday, February 19

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for~
  • a safe trip to and from Panguitch (thank you Mother Nature for not snowing while I was driving!)
  • A three day weekend
  • Pride and Prejudice marathons with my Mom
  • Easter candy already being out on the shelves~ Cadbury mini-eggs.....mmmmmmm......
  • Decongestants
  • The fact that it's getting lighter earlier and staying light longer- no more going to class and leaving work in the dark- YAY!!!
  • Snow that cleared away the inversion. (I HATE inversions!!!)


Melissa said...

My in-laws spent entire summers at Panguitch Lake. It's so pretty there! And I agree that decongestants make the world a better place. :)

Inspired Kathy said...

Oh mini eggs are my weakness. I love easter candy.

Janet said...

DUDE.... mini eggs.....