Friday, March 27

Food for Thought Friday

What was the last thing you ordered on-line?
My Twilight 3 Disc DVD from Target… it still hasn’t arrived =(

What is your favorite dessert at a restaurant?
There are so many! The first one that comes to mind is Death by Chocolate from Bennigan’s- yummy!!!

What is the funnest game you have played recently?
I’m trying to remember the last time I played a game- I think it was that crazy Uno game on New Year’s Eve.

Midnight Snack
What job(s) did you have while in high school/college?
This list could be really long considering I’m still in college, I think I’ll just stick with high school. I did a lot of babysitting until I was old enough to have a “real” job. My first job was at K-Mart in the shoe department and then I worked at Naturalizer Shoes.

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~tracy~ said...

k-marts you mean? gotta love the kmarts store.