Saturday, March 14

It's ok Peter, I still love you~

Recently I have developed a celebrity crush on this guy-

His name is Peter Facinelli and he plays Carlisle Cullen in Twilight. I had never heard of Peter before he was cast as Carlisle so I've been wanting to see some of his other work. My friend DVR'd Fastlane for me so I could watch it. Very, very late last night or early this morning, whichever way you want to look at it we watched 3 or 4 episodes. Oh my gosh... I'm not sure I can even put into words how horrible the show is. The writing is horrid, the acting substandard (except Peter, of course), the plots are pretty much non-existent. Wow! It's a good thing I was really, really tired or I might have been offended by the insult to my intelligence. The really weird thing is that we couldn't turn it off, we just kept watching. I'm blaming it on the sleep deprivation and sugar overload.
I've decided to not hold the lost brain cells against Peter though... he's just too beautiful to hold a grudge against.


~tracy~ said...

i have never seen fastlane, but i do kind of want to marry tiffani thiessen. or at least look like her.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Never seen it either, but he is pretty darn cute!

Janelle said...

Sounds like you had all the makings of a successful slumber party last night...lots of sugar, no sleep, pleny of dorky videos and FUN FRIENDS! I hope you had a great time.

heather said...


Melissa said...

Hee, hee. I thought Janelle said "plenty of dorky friends". That's what I get for reading too fast!

Peter is so much better in his natural hair color, no? In person, he's breathtaking. I didn't even think he was all that before or in the movie (the blonde hair did nothing for me), but in person...his eyes are stunning as is the rest of his face. Wow. I love this last pic of him with glasses. :)

Britten said...

How could you not love that face? He could bark like a dog for the whole episode and I would still swoon. ♥

Cassidy Mae said...

Come on... he's Mike Dexter!! "Mike Dexter is a GOD!" "Someone in there just called me a fag!!!"... ring any bells? If not, go out and rent Can't Hardly Wait with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry... and our favorite sexy docpire.... delish.

IsabellaCullen said...

The storylines definitely leave something to be desired .... but the hair & the wardrobe sort of make up for that! THUD! :D

Rae said... really didn't think it was amazing?

Gee Amy, I am completely shocked.

I thought things like learning about Belinda Carlisle's position on Van Ray's.....uhhh....list, among other, things made watching the show until 6 in the morning TOTALLY worth it. LOL!