Monday, March 9

Keeping the inner fangirl happy

Life is good for this fangirl. Here are a few of the upcoming events that I am looking forward to~

March 21st- TWILIGHT on DVD!!!!! I will have a copy in my hot little hands!! I can watch the baseball scene and Carlisle's entrance as many times as I want! Woo-hoo!

March 24th- City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. This is the last book in the triology- I can't wait!!! It's going to be amazing, I just know it is. I've re-read City of Bones and City of Ashes so I'm all caught up and ready to jump into the next adventure.

March 31st- Blue October Concert!!! It's going to a blast!

May 15th- Angels and Demons- The book was so good, I can not wait to see it on the big screen. Plus Ewan McGregor is in it- how can it be bad???

July 17th- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (This is a new trailer!!!! You must watch it!)


Tara said...

I love that you are so excited about Twilight. I feel like I am not alone in the world. Now if we can just get Stephanie to relase Midnight Sun... I will be a happy Cullen. :)

Melissa said...

So many good things coming up! Yay!

Andrea said...

I am also super excited about the Twilight dvd and the new HP trailer.

Thanks for letting me steal your "days" idea. I thought it was a great one!

jen said...

I'm totally having a Twilight party - you should come! We're even having "Twilight" themed treats.
And I thought I was the only one this excited about Angels and Demons. I love that book - just reread it 2 weeks ago.
And thanks for the recommendation of Graceling - I loved it!

Inspired Kathy said...

Thanks for the new HP trailer. I would be clueless if not for the ones you post on your blog!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Yay for Amy and Bonnie, Bonnie because she gets to borrow Amy's new book. After she is done of course.

Lynners said...

I have to admit, I LOVED Angels and Demons, but I'm a little bit worried about some of the scenes this story contains. The movie version of Divinci Code was fantastic, so I'm sure this will be also. But even so, I think I'll wait 'till after you see it and then find out how tastefully (or not tastefully) done the murders are. (Sorry, that was a weird sentence)

I'm glad to hear about Harry Potter!!!! I've been wondering about that one! Woohoo! I'm so excited!!!