Sunday, March 29

Snowy Sunday afternoons

should always be spent like this~

(except the book shouldn't be an assigned book for my HR class, it should be some wonderful book that has swept me off into another world)


Inspired Kathy said...

Since you finished CoG I guess your are stuck with an HR book. What's the next good book to read?

Bonnie the Boss said...

I agree 100% that is what I spent it doing except I had a good one!

Melissa said...

Are ya having a party when you finish school??? I remember the anxiety attack around December that I used to get because it was finals time AND Christmas. Since it took me 10 years to finish school, the attacks lasted a few years after graduation. I finally chilled out and realized I didn't have to grab the brown paper sack anymore. Whew.

I LOVED Graceling. What other treasures have you found?

~tracy~ said...

i am pretty sure that in my next life i want to be a cat. not just any cat though, either my cat or your cat. you know, the spoiled ones.