Saturday, March 21

Team Victoria!

Last night Rachelle Lefevre was in town for a Twilight DVD release party. Rachelle played the nomadic vampire Victoria in Twilight.

Rachelle was amazing! She is stunning in person!!! Oh my goodness!!!

Because I was there with Lisa (the founder of TwilightMOMS) I was able to stand over towards the media section and watch Rachelle interact with the fans. I didn't ever go through the line because I didn't want to loose my spot with a view but luckily Lisa was able to get a DVD and Calendar signed for Team Shari and Rae sweetalked the manager into giving us some autographed DVD's without going through the line. (YAY!!!!)

I'm actually glad that I didn't stand in the line and wait for an autograph because I was able to stand and watch Rachelle interact with everyone that came through the line. From what I understand she was supposed to show up, sign a few autographs and then take off. She arrived about 10:30 pm and I'm sure was planning on being gone by midnight. But that's not what happened. Rachelle sat down and started signing autographs and except for a few short breaks (for food and water) she signed until almost 2 AM! She signed something for every single person standing in line. I have no clue how many people were there but it was easily 2,000. Not only did she sign stuff for everyone but she greeted everyone that came through the line with a smile. What a trooper!!! It was obvious to me that she truly appreciated the Twilight Fans and their support.

We decided last night that Rachelle is so cool that Victoria's plot line needs to be rewritten. We just can't have it end the way it does in Eclipse. I'm thinking something along the lines of when Edward tells her James was just using her she will have a change of heart and want to become a vegetarian vampire- doesn't that sound good? That way Rachelle can still be around for Breaking Dawn ;)

In the Twilight world the debate always seems to be Team Edward or Team Jacob... I've decided that I'm now officially Team Victoria!

These are just a couple of shots I took last night. I had such a killer view!!!

Here is Rachelle and Lisa. To quote one of the news reporters that was there- "LaFevre walked right up to Hansen and greeted her as if she knew her.”

Greg (our webmaster/photographer) got some amazing shots- check them out here.


Rae said...

Friday night was such fun! It was awesome to see the interaction of Rachelle and the fans. But it was even more fun to hang out with you guys. LOL!

SO what are we doing next week? ;)

Melissa said...

She is stunning! She crossed the street at the premiere to come visit the fans that weren't on the red carpet. We talked to her for a sec at the after party and her voice is even amazing. I wonder if she sings? We got some great pics with her. How fun for you guys! Lisa is such a celeb!

Lynners said...

She is a beautiful woman. I'm glad to hear she's not a dork too. That's so refreshing anymore!

Melissa said...

Okay, I guess I really do not know the depth of your Twilight involvement. Do you need an intervention?