Thursday, April 2

Blue October, Baby!!!

Tuesday night was the long awaited Blue October concert. Amy got there super early and staked us a prime spot in the very front of the line so once I got there all we had to do was wait. (She also snagged a meet & greet with them- lucky girl!) We hung out for a couple of hours in the line and chatted with the people in the line. The line got pretty long because the concert was sold out. It went all the way down the block-

Luckily we were at the beginning of it!!!

Shelly, Christy, Amy and I

Once they opened the doors we claimed our spot right by the stage.

Look how close we were!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!

The opening act was a group called Ours. They were ok. I won't be buying the CD but I've heard worse. I always feel bad for opening acts. They have to know that they are not the reason we are there and that we're just tolerating them until the main act takes the stage. I was really glad when they left the stage and the stage transformed into this-

Did I mention that we were really close?!?!
Here are just a few shots from the show. Some of them I took and some of them are from Christy.

Justin, Justin, Justin!!!I can not believe what an amazing concert it was!! I am blown away! The whole band is super talented- WOW!!!!!! I was in awe of them.

Justin was a phenomenal performer. He was one of those performers that you just can't take your eyes off of. He draws you in and makes you feel every emotion that went into writing and performing the song. It was beyond description. It honestly was the best concert I have ever been to.

I'm thinking about becoming a groupie...

C.B. and Ryan



Melissa said...

You girlies were so lucky! What a great time!

Bonnie the Boss said...

You a groupie, no way!

TJones said...

Ok I'm super jealous! You lucky girls!

~yoga~ said...


I will buy the Van...
Let's go!!

Inspired Kathy said...

Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

wow this is awesome! great pics! so i hear blue october will be featured on 90210 tomorrow night, but im not sure which song or songs will be played. but i'll be watching!