Monday, April 6

Musical Monday

I'm still riding high from the Blue October concert last week so of course today's Musical Monday is one of their songs. I actually had a different song in mind for today's post but as I was driving home from work the sun was shining and the sky was bright blue and this song was playing on my I-pod and so now it's stuck in my head- it's called Blue Skies.

I first heard this performed at the Breaking Dawn concert in LA. It's such a great song, it just makes me happy when I hear it.
This is what Justin had to say about Blue Skies-
"Blue Skies, also for my daughter. Being a dad is weird and it's amazing. Cause if you're not with them, miss them like nothing else. And Blue Skies is my normal, you know, approaching normal, it all ends with Blue. She brings me to where I am now, losing weight, getting healthy, slowing down the drinking, really talking to my shrink and stuff a lot. And just trying to stay as healthy as possible, so I can be the best role model for her possible ... I remember, I was on the road with Stephenie Meyer, and I played that song for her and she was like, 'oh my god, I'm gonna cry!" And that's when I knew because Stephenie Meyer was a mother also, of three, and she is such an amazing lady and a good friend. We really hit it off, and it was the first person I got to talk to that had a baby. And that was my age. So we connected big time, and she thought that Blue Skies was just amazing. So I look at blue, I think about Blue when I play that, and it's just, I wanna dance with her. I wanna pick her and just dance. And it's my happy song. It's for her."
-Justin, 2009

The lyrics are here if you're interested.

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Lynners said...

Ok. My curiosity is SOOO peaked. I need to just call you, and have you play me this song over the phone.