Monday, May 25

Angels and Demons

I loved this movie! Angels and Demons is my favorite Dan Brown book so I was hoping the movie would be better than the Da Vinci Code movie and I was not disappointed. It was non-stop action and suspense. The casting was phenomenal- Tom and Ewan are amazing!!!! Loved it!


Melissa said...

I really liked the book. I didn't enjoy the descriptions of what was done to the victims. Was it graphic in the movie? I'm a wimp. Email me. :D

Janelle said...

I'm really anxious to see the movie now. Didn't make it this weekend...maybe next.
A&D is my favorite Dan Brown book too! (although the only other one I've read is DaVinci Code)

Lynners said...

I'm totally excited to see this show. But I have to admit, some of the scenes in the book were a little graphic for me. I'm not sure I want to see them blown up on the big screen. I may wait for the DVD. I guess I could always use the old "avert my eyes" trick, eh?