Sunday, May 3

Birthday Sweetness!

Friday was my fabulous friend Britten's birthday. She made a request that everyone eat a cupcake in her honor. The specific request was that anyone in Utah County go to The Sweet Tooth Fairy and eat one of their cupcakes. (She's quite demanding isn't she?!?!) Conveniently we already had a TwilightMOMS gathering planned in Utah County so this request was not hard to honor.

The scene of the crime. (I'm not sure they knew what to think of the invasion.) I knew we were in a good place when I saw this on the wall-

I couldn't believe the selection of cupcakes! It made making a decision very difficult. I finally settled on peanut butter and chocolate-

It was SO good!!!!

Everyone with their cupcakes

Happy Birthday Britten!!! We love YOU!!!
This one is just too cute not to post. Christy's boys had just woken up from naps and didn't really like all of these noisy women.


Bonnie the Boss said...

The cupcake does look divine! The boys are so cute!

Lynners said...

What a fun way to celebrate long-distance! I love it!