Thursday, May 7

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for~
  • An A in accounting- have I mentioned how excited I am about that A? The reason I'm so thrilled is because I FAILED accounting last semester and was petrified to try again. I am so thankful for my teacher this semester. He made a very confusing subject make a sense. I'm also thankful for A's in my other two classes- apparently disappearing into a hole for 4 months was worth it.
  • Janelle. I seriously have the BEST boss around.
  • Aja- she is one of those friends that I can always count on. I loved being able to go to her sons blessing this weekend. I thank my lucky stars that she was such a diligent visiting teacher years ago.
  • Girls night out with the gals in my ward. We had such an eclectic group at dinner last night and it was a blast! Of course the chicken tiki masala made it even better =)
  • Decongestants, Puffs with lotion and Visine Allergy- can you tell my allergies are acting up?
  • A haircut and color- it's amazing how a little hair dye can make you feel so much better about yourself.

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~tracy~ said...

agreed. there are not many things in life that feel better than new haircolor. i love LOVE the way it feels for that first couple of days.