Friday, June 26

Food for Thought Friday

What is your favorite part of the summertime?
How late it stays light.

How was this week different than others?
Drama, drama, drama! Way too much drama for my liking! Luckily things are settling down a bit.

What did you think of Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson was a musical genius. His influence on music will last forever.
My friend Georgia sent me this video of a friend of hers singing Man in the Mirror- it’s so beautiful and I think it’s a great tribute to Michael.

Midnight Snack
What do you have planned for this weekend?
I have lots planned for the weekend. I’m not sure how much of it will get accomplished though. The two must do events are Blaine’s wedding and the Team Alice BBQ.


jen said...

Wow, that is a beautiful version! I loved it.

Inspired Kathy said...

All the drama makes life interesting.