Sunday, June 14

Shannon Hale, my new BFF!

Ok, so maybe we're not really BFF's but it sounded good, right? And after going to Shannon Hale's book signing yesterday I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to be friends. (Does that sound a little less stalkerish?)

I've been a fan of Shannon's since I read Book of a Thousand Days. I love all her books. (Book of a Thousand Days and Austenland are my favs) So when she posted on her blog that she was having a signing for her new book The Actor and The Housewife (which is a wonderful book, as usual) I decided to embrace my inner fangirl and go. Luckily I was able to talk Rae into going with me so I wouldn't appear too crazy ;)

You know that you're in a good place when you walk in and see this-

Yes, that is Colin Firth aka Mr. Darcy in an apron. (Seriously, Shannon and I are kindred spirits, I just know it! Anyone that has a life size stand up of Mr. Darcy has to be a kindred spirit!)

The evening started off with Shannon talking about her books. She is hysterical! The stories she told had us in hysterics. My favorites were one about Austenland being thrown away under the wilted celery and the one about the Arizona nuns loving Mr. Darcy. (I really need to see if those are on her blog anywhere so I can link to them- they are priceless!)
Shannon also did a Q&A and then they broke out the karaoke machine and served pie. Shannon and her hubby sang Islands in the Stream and then Shannon headed off to sign books. (which is where the picture at the top of this post was taken)

Here's a video of the Grammy worthy performance of Islands in the Stream. Sadly my memory card was full so I didn't get the entire song. (It's probably not funny to anyone that wasn't there but I know that Rae will enjoy it so that's why I'm posting it. )

All kidding (and stalkerish tendencies) aside, it was a fabulous evening! If you haven't read Shannon's books you need to and if you ever have the chance to hear her speak don't pass it up.
We're giving away an autographed copy of her new book The Actor and The Housewife over at TwilightMOMS. If you want to enter to win go over to our blog and comment! You have until Wednesday night at midnight.


Bonnie the Boss said...

So envious! I loved her at the Fablehaven book signing! she is sooo funny!
I wish I could have been there instead of cutting up my MIL tree and dying, DYING of the heat! If I don't make it home you can have all my books!
The next book signing I want to go!

Katie said...

Okay, I am SO JEALOUS! I got into Shannon's Goose Girls series months before I got into Twilight. Shannon's series is what got me back into reading a couple years ago. I love the fact you got to meet her and I'm dying to read her newest book. You'll have to let me know what you think.

~tracy~ said...

There is nothing wrong with being a stalker. Also, your shirt is pretty pretty!!

Andie~ said...

I saw the aprons and I thought you two BFF's met up at the devil cupcake shop!! LOL

Looks like fun!

Lynners said...

How fun! Please do find the link, I can't wait to hear those stories!

Connie Onnie said...

I am glad you posted on my blog!! Isn't it fun that it is such a small world. When I got back & posted something about my trip to Utah on Facebook, Georgia aka gypsy wings told me she had a friend there and it was you. Thanks for posting about our video it is because of you guys we won!!