Wednesday, July 1

Happy Birthday Howie!

The Birthday Boy
(Seriously, how cute is he?!?!)
The Cake
(it was white cake with raspberry filling-YUM!!) Big brother helping to blow out the candles
(There's a slight chance Will was more excited that it was Howie's birthday than Howie was)


Random shots from the evening- (I'm not sure why I uploaded these in different sizes but I'm too lazy to do it over again)


Tara said...

I have no idea who any of those children are, but I am sure that I met some of them. Sheesh. I'm getting old.

~tracy~ said...

Oh Howie. I want to bite his face. He is so cute. I laughed and laughed at the picture on Lyn's blog where he is opening the spiky yellow ball. Priceless.

Melissa said...

I have no idea who these people are, but you have some beautiful people in your group (family?). I love the cake too!