Wednesday, July 29

I ♥ Blue October!!!!!

Last night's Blue October concert was A-MAZING!!!! I was blown away by them! I got some killer pictures from my spot in the front row!! I'm in Dallas for TwiCon so I don't have time to get them all up on my blog yet. I'll post them when I get home. Until then here's their video for Should Be Loved.


Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

Awesome! Dan and I go again on Saturday.

Quick question, did they play a variety of songs, or stick mainly to their new album this time? Also did they have Justin's book for sale? I really really want it, but thought I'd wait to see if they had it for sale at the concert.

Glad you had an amazing time. :D

Amy said...

Amber- They play quite a variety of songs, not just the stuff from Approaching Normal.

We didn't get to the merchandise booth until really late and they were out of books. I was so sad because that was the only thing I wanted :( I'm assuming that they will have restocked before your concert.

I wish I could see them again *sigh*

Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

Cool, I thought they'd probably play more of a variety this time. Not that I didn't enjoy them playing their new songs last time.

I am so hoping I can snag one of the books before they sell out. *crosses fingers*

Natalie said...

I just sent you an invite to my blog. Tracey gave me your e-mail. I saw an interview with Stephanie Meyer and Blue October yesterday. It was the one where she was taling about what songs inspired her. It was good stuff.

Janelle said...

You were so lucky to have front row seats for a live concert!