Sunday, August 30

Michael Johns!!!! (Insert fangirly squeal here)

Last night I went to Erin's Slumber Party. What an amazing bash!!! I was blown away by the amount of women there! I have lots of pictures to post but I'm still trying to collect a few from other people so I'll post them in the next day or two.

One of the highlights of the night was Michael Johns from American Idol performing. I LOVED Michael on American Idol and was so sad when he got voted off so early. I was so excited when I heard that he would be at the slumber party. Our booth was right by the stage so we had a prime spot for the concert that he performed. He was so good! He has a CD out that I must have soon!

Here are a couple of clips of him singing-

Girl's Night!

My friend Pyper came to Utah to drop her son off at BYU so of course we had to get together for dinner. We met at the California Pizza Kitchen (yummy!!!) had a fabulous time.
Here's a group shot-

Lucinda, Amy H. & Cassandra

Misty & Brooke

Cheryl & Melissa

Leslie & Wendy

Mary, Jessi & Jenny

Depeche Mode!

Last week my friend Emily had an extra ticket to the Depeche Mode concert at the E-Center so I snapped it up. What an amazing show!!!! I haven't kept up with a lot of their new material but it was great to hear some of their older stuff. I was blown away by their energy and showmanship. I've got to get their last couple of cd's.
I ran into my old roomie Melissa at the concert. It was so good to see her!

Concert pictures swiped from the Deseret News

Thursday, August 27

The Volturi!!!

Summit released these images of the Volturi today. I'm pretty sure Chris Weitz pulled them straight out of my imagination. WOW!!!

Marcus & Aro


Jane & Alec
I can't wait for New Moon!!!

Monday, August 17

Team Jacob!!!

The more I see of New Moon the more I become Team Jacob! This movie is going to be phenomenal!! The glimpses we get of Victoria and the Volturi in this make so happy! It's like Chris Weitz pulled those characters straight from my imagination.

Friday, August 14

Food for Thought Friday

When was the last time you really laughed out loud and what about?
At TwiCon. There was a lot of laughter at TwiCon (which is what made the chaos worth it). There’s even video of some late night laughter floating around out there.

How much time do you spend exercising in a week?
*snort* ummmm…. yeah……

Do you look forward to fall or dread summer coming to a close?
It’s a double edged sword- I love fall. I love the cooler temperatures, the crispness in the air, the leaves changing but I hate that it gets dark earlier and that school starts again.

Midnight Snack
What is something(s) you tell yourself on a daily basis?
Today I’m going to accomplish everything on my to-do list. Sadly it never happens.

Monday, August 10

TwiCon 2009

Yes, it's true- I'm a big dork. I actually went to a Twilight Convention. I'm still surprised that I went because conventions are just not my thing. But I went to TwiCon in Dallas last weekend and had a fabulous time! It was chaotic and crazy but it was worth it. I met some amazing women (they do exist!!) that I've been commuincating with online for over a year. Meeting them made all of the drama, chaos and sleep deprivation worth it. Love you gals!!!

I may have taken a few pictures while I was there. Here are just a few.

Blue October!!

July 28th was the Salt Lake stop on Blue October's Crazy Making tour. Laura and Misty got there early so that we would have a prime spot in the line. The concert was at Salt Air which is in the middle of nowhere and it was hotter than hades so it was a big sacrifice for them to get there as early as they did. I am so glad that they did. We ended up right up against the barricade- yay!!!!

The show was fantastic! The opening band was Longwave. They were ok, I won't be buying their cd but they weren't bad.

The second act was Switchfoot. I only knew two of their songs but I really enjoyed them. They were great! I'll definitely be make a stop at I-tunes soon.

Then the moment came that we had been waiting for- Blue October!!!!!

What a phenomenal show! These guys are so talented, I'm in awe.

I've been trying to figure out how to explain my love for Blue October. They are not really the kind of group that I usually obsess over. I mean before Blue October the last concerts I've been to were Josh Groban and Michael Buble for crying out loud.

I first heard of Blue October from Stephenie Meyer's playlists that she publishes about each book she writes. I fell in love with those songs as they related to the Twilight series but didn't have any of their other stuff. After I saw Justin Furstenfeld perform on the Breaking Dawn tour I was hooked. I came home and bought all of their cd's. I can now quote their lyrics and read/watch every interview that surfaces.

I read an article once where Justin Furstenfeld was talking about his Twilight fans and he stated "It showed me that you don’t have to be broken to be a Blue October fan.” Now I hate to disagree with the master (Justin) but I see it a little differently. I think that we all are broken. Some of us are broken in very obvious, very visible ways like drug abuse or mental illness. But some of us are broken in less visible ways such as self esteem issues, family drama or so many other little things that can break us. I think that Blue October's music speak to the broken part in all of us. How many of us can't connect with Ugly Side, Independently Happy or Should Be Loved? Even if the lyrics were written about a different situation they are still applicable in my life. I know it sounds cheesy but their music touches me in a way that I simply can't describe. I'm not sure if that makes sense but I'm not eloquent enough to explain it any other way.

You can see more of my pictures here.

Be very, very quiet... we're hunting rabbits.

A couple of Sundays ago we went to Provo for Elaine's birthday. They have a bird feeder in their back yard that was over run with squirrels. Preston and Colton decided if they stood really still that the squirrels would crawl on them too. It didn't work out really well for them but it was a comedic moment for the rest of us- silly boys!

Here's a bunch of random photos of the night-

Mark's look just cracks me up... notice the amazing necklace he's wearing ;)

Friday, August 7

Durango Getaway!

I'm going to try and get caught up on all the stuff that's been going on for the last couple of weeks. Life has been crazy! I'm going to start with my wonderful getaway weekend to Durango.

My amazing friends Vicki and Summer invited Christy, Kim, Shelley and I to their cabin just outside of Durango for a girls get away. It was a fabulous weekend! We laughed, ate, shopped, laughed, ate, played games, laughed, saw The Proposal, ate, and drank mocktails. It was heavenly!
I took about a bazillion pictures (as usual). Here are a few of them-

I am so blessed to have these women in my life!