Monday, August 10

Be very, very quiet... we're hunting rabbits.

A couple of Sundays ago we went to Provo for Elaine's birthday. They have a bird feeder in their back yard that was over run with squirrels. Preston and Colton decided if they stood really still that the squirrels would crawl on them too. It didn't work out really well for them but it was a comedic moment for the rest of us- silly boys!

Here's a bunch of random photos of the night-

Mark's look just cracks me up... notice the amazing necklace he's wearing ;)


Bonnie the Boss said...

Great pics Amy! Thanks for posting! I love Mark's snaggily teeth.

Lynners said...

Man, I wish we could have come! Your pics get better and better. You took some amazing photos. You're awesome at this!

Janelle said...

Fantastic shots, Amy!