Sunday, August 30

Michael Johns!!!! (Insert fangirly squeal here)

Last night I went to Erin's Slumber Party. What an amazing bash!!! I was blown away by the amount of women there! I have lots of pictures to post but I'm still trying to collect a few from other people so I'll post them in the next day or two.

One of the highlights of the night was Michael Johns from American Idol performing. I LOVED Michael on American Idol and was so sad when he got voted off so early. I was so excited when I heard that he would be at the slumber party. Our booth was right by the stage so we had a prime spot for the concert that he performed. He was so good! He has a CD out that I must have soon!

Here are a couple of clips of him singing-


Natalie said...

I listened to an onterview with him on the radio the other morning. He sang one of his new songs (Heart on my Sleve?) and sounded great. I hadn't really heard him before. Guess I need to watch Idol.

the4ofusut said...

He was so so cute!! And rememebr, he bumped into me in the hall so I got to touch him in his robe =)!! Last night was a blast!

Milly said...

I'm so jealous, he is really good. Boy you ladies sure do know how to have a good time!!