Friday, September 25

Food for Thought Friday

What is your favorite part of Fall?
I love so much about Fall, I’m not sure I can pick just one. I love the cooler temperatures, the leaves changing colors, the crispness in the air, and Halloween. The only things I don’t like about Fall are that school starts again and that it gets dark earlier.

If you could go anywhere this weekend, where would you go?
Do I only get to stay for the weekend? I don’t want to spend the whole weekend traveling so a trip to see Mom in England is out. I would love to go to Seattle and soak in the ocean air and eat fresh seafood.

What are you currently addicted to?
Diet Coke, Blue October, and the Internet

Midnight Snack
Have you already begun your Christmas shopping?

Wednesday, September 23

The Host Movie!!!!

I am ridiculously excited about this news- The Host is going to be made into a movie!!!!!!!

This is from Stephenie's site-
I'm so excited to be working with Nick Weschler, and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz to bring The Host to a visual format. They've all been a dream to work with, so lovely and collaborative, and I feel like we're in a really good place to make a great movie together. And then to have Andrew Niccol writing and directing? Truly awesome. If you've never seen Gattaca, go watch it now. One of my favorite movies of all time. It's such a great example of character driven science fiction, which is ideal for The Host, no? I'm having an absolute blast imagining different dream casts, which I would post if people didn't take my silly blogs so seriously these days. I'm looking forward to seeing the cast lists you come up with in the fansite forums, and if any of them match mine.
So, very exciting. Yay Host!

I love, love, LOVE The Host and can't wait to see it brought to life on film. Stephenie Meyer is working with the producers which makes me feel so much better. It's always better when the author is involved since they know these characters inside and out. SO EXCITED!!!!

Thursday, September 17

Just Because...

I found this picture on my friend Christy's blog and totally stole it. It just makes me happy.

I LOVE these girls!!!

Monday, September 14

Is it November 20th yet?!?!?

I know, I know- all I've done recently is post videos. There are a couple of reasons for that. First- school has started so my life pretty much consists of work and homework which isn't really exciting blog material. The second is that I haven't taken the time to get pictures off my camera of the few things that I have done that aren't work or school. I'm hoping to get that done in the next few days.

Anyway..... MTV debuted a new extended New Moon trailer last night at the VMA's and it is AMAZING!!!!

I can't decide which line is my favorite- "The girl comes with us" or "This may hurt just a little".

Saturday, September 12

Feels Like Tonight

I've recently discovered that Chrisy Daughtry is a very avid Twitterer (Tweeter?). He posts pictures & videos all the time. He posted this acoustic performance of Feels Like Tonight just the other day.

*sigh* I need them to come to Salt Lake for a concert.

Here's the link to his Twitter account so you can stalk, I mean follow him.

Friday, September 11

Finding Hope

One survivor's story of 9/11. The last minute of the video is my favorite.

"We remember all who were affected by September 11th, those who died, and those who live."

I will never forget.

Wednesday, September 9

Me obsessed??? Noooo!

A few of you may be aware of my love, (ok, obsession) for a group called Blue October. I know quite a few of you don't understand it and that's ok- they make me happy and that's all that matters. You don't have to get it. Those of you that don't share my love of all things Blue October are welcome to ignore this post :)
I have a slight obsession with their violinist/keyboardist/backup singer/all around musical genius Ryan. He is such a gifted musician! I found this video of a performance last spring that is probably the best video I've seen of Ryan in action.
Of course it's fabulous of Justin as well ;)

Gummi Goodness!

I'm not a big fan of gummy treats, unless they are covered in chocolate, of course. But one of my very favorite treats ever are these-

What are they? They are Gummi Strawberries from Germany and they are oh so yummy! You can't buy them in the States and even in Germany you have to search high and low for them. But when you do find them you're very happy!
Why am I blogging about these hard to find treats? Because my Mom gave me some the other day before she left for England. She had a stash at home and didn't want them to get hard and go to waste while she was gone for 2 months- lucky me!
Life is good :)

Saturday, September 5

Crazy Love!

One of my many "boyfriends" Michael Buble has a new CD coming out!!!!!! It's called Crazy Love and it will be available October 9th! The first single is available from I-tunes now- it's called "Haven't Met You Yet" and I love it!

Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet promo video