Wednesday, September 9

Gummi Goodness!

I'm not a big fan of gummy treats, unless they are covered in chocolate, of course. But one of my very favorite treats ever are these-

What are they? They are Gummi Strawberries from Germany and they are oh so yummy! You can't buy them in the States and even in Germany you have to search high and low for them. But when you do find them you're very happy!
Why am I blogging about these hard to find treats? Because my Mom gave me some the other day before she left for England. She had a stash at home and didn't want them to get hard and go to waste while she was gone for 2 months- lucky me!
Life is good :)


Ben said...

yeah, I'm coming over to get some! Pretty please?

Bonnie the Boss said...

Me too! Aren't you glad you have a bunch of mooches for family members?

Amy said...

Sorry folks- they are all gone :)

~tracy~ said...

Oh german gummies are THE best. My favorite candy EVER. Although, I will hoard them and eat them 2 months later. I like it when they get all hard, they last longer.

Janelle said...

Maybe if you're a good girl, your Mom will bring you back some goodies from England! Maybe some caramels from Herrod's???

Lynners said...

Right, so now I'm curious. Would you be willing to part with one?