Wednesday, September 9

Me obsessed??? Noooo!

A few of you may be aware of my love, (ok, obsession) for a group called Blue October. I know quite a few of you don't understand it and that's ok- they make me happy and that's all that matters. You don't have to get it. Those of you that don't share my love of all things Blue October are welcome to ignore this post :)
I have a slight obsession with their violinist/keyboardist/backup singer/all around musical genius Ryan. He is such a gifted musician! I found this video of a performance last spring that is probably the best video I've seen of Ryan in action.
Of course it's fabulous of Justin as well ;)


Jenn said...

I am completely in love with Blue October, too. My obsession is mainly focused on Justin, but I do agree that Ryan has to be one of the most talented musicians I have ever heard/seen. As this vid shows, they are sooo amazing live. If I had unlimited funds I would just become a groupie and follow them around all over the place :-)

Thanks for the Blue love today!

Janelle said...

You? Obsessed??? No! Well, maybe. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

I have to agree that the violinist is fantastic. I noticed him, and his beautiful white violin, on the other video that you posted.