Tuesday, October 13

She mocks me...

I just received an email from my Mom. This is how it started-

Virginia & I are, as I write, sitting in the Apollo Victoria Theatre waiting for "Wicked" to start!
If you're having a hard time visualizing where she's at this is what the Apollo Victoria Theatre looks like-
And the inside-

(It's blurry I know but it's the best one I have)

I'm not jealous, really I'm not....
Anyone want to donate a few thousand frequent flyer miles to me so I can go visit Mom and get my Wicked fix?


Bonnie the Boss said...

All I haev to say is...... RUDE! (big huffy sigh!)

Lynners said...

Wait a minute, how many times have you seen this show now? J/k. I'm thumbing my nose at your mom on your behalf.

BTW, I hope you don't mind, I'm starting a new blog about writing and book reviews (http://bardingwell.wordpress.com/), Since you do so many great book reviews on here, I've added you to my blog roll.

I will actually be trying to generate traffic to that blog, so if you'd rather not be identified on it, please holler.