Sunday, November 1

All Hallow's Eve

Last night our house was invaded by all kinds of crazy and cute things-

A Kitty


Some kind of creepy thing (I'm not exactly sure what to call it)

A Dementor
A UPS mechanic

A Dead Soccer Player

A Lineman for Utah Power

A Fireman
We went to the annual Trunk-or-Treat in Mark and Kathy's Church parking lot and then came home for dinner & donuts.

The best costume of the night was Riley's. None of us recognized her when we first saw her. She's the silhouette off the I-Tunes gift cards.

Isn't it a fantastic costume?
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!!


~tracy~ said...

They are all darling, but I kind of want to squeeze Howie until he pops. His face makes me happy.

Also, I would probably kill someone for one of those donuts right now.

JulieBelle said...

Hmmmm... I think your family likes Harry Potter :)

PS you need more pictures of you on here!

Lynners said...

Great pics, Am! I love how I'm perusing eveyone's smiling faces and then all of a sudden Dave pops up with the stink-eye from you-know-where! He's such a nut.

Melissa said...

Looks like you had a great spooky night! Great iTunes costume too!

Aunt Kathy said...

You are a master at capturing expressions and making us all smile with you pics of the family. It's so wonderful to have a family photographer. I love you!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Great pics amy, thanks for posting them so I have some of my kids.