Sunday, November 8

Good Times!

Last night we had a big meeting for our New Moon Event. Since Vicki & Summer came all the way from New Mexico for the meeting we had to go to dinner afterwards. We went to JCW for burgers and shakes.

The burger was really yummy.... and really messy! Christy caught me with sauce all over my face. (I can't believe I'm posting this picture)

Their fries were good too- just ask Kim....

Christy's little one was the only boy invited to this party-

He got lots of attention-

I posted these pictures mainly to prove that I did let someone else hold him :)

A couple of random shots of the evening-

After dinner Rae and I went over to Meg's to visit and to snuggle with T.

Isn't he beautiful?!?!? *sigh*

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Tinabean said...

Hi Amy I am a friend of Bonnie's her dad is my bishop & I'm in YW with her beautiful mom.
Anyway I check out your blog once in awhile you are so cute like Bonnie & Amanda.
The little man in this post is so cute I have to say.
Me being a huge U of U fan couldn't help but notice the car seat cover.
I was wondering if you could tell me where they got it or who made it.
My little man is 4 months old & I would LOVE one for his car seat. If you don't mind would you please tell me? Thanks so much Tina.