Wednesday, December 30

Beauty & the Beast meets New Moon

This is brilliant!!

If you liked that one check out this trailer mashup of Pride & Prejudice meets Twilight.

Friday, December 25

Thursday, December 24

All I want for Christmas...

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl this year.  I have just one request for Christmas. This guy by my Christmas tree :)


Tuesday, December 22


I work with the most amazing people. I am frequently in awe of them. They are the great examples of love and compassion. 

Here are a few of the stories that inspire me-
  • There is a mentally handicapped man that works at the hospital. He's been there for years.  The imaging department takes really good care of him. Jodie (pictured above on the right) brings him meals. She makes sure that he's cleaning his house and taking care of himself.  He brings all his mail in so that someone can go through it to make sure that he's not getting scammed (which has happened in the past). These are just a few of the examples of the things I see my department do for Ron all the time.
  • Every Thanksgiving the hospital has a food drive to help employees who need help. Individual departments sign up to bring food for meals and the hospital buys the turkeys. Most departments sign up for one or two families. Every year Imaging signs up for TEN large families and the sign up sheet is full within minutes of it being posted.
  • Today we discovered that our housekeeper was having some financial difficulties and that her husband had been laid off.  We decided to collect some money to give to her for Christmas.  Within an hour we collected over $300 and Janelle (also pictured above) ran to Costco to buy food for Christmas dinner and some arthritis medicine that she knew that Gina needed. 
These are just a few examples of random acts of kindness that the people I work with do on a very regular basis.  I am honored to know them and to call them my friends. 

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40

Thursday, December 17

Life's like a Jump Rope

Blue October has released their video for Jump Rope. I LOVE this song! I love the message, I love the beat, I love the group... it all makes me happy!

Here are the lyrics:
Remember how you used to say
You couldn't wait till tomorrow for a brand new day
no fuss when ya had to ride the bus
You just add a little blush
To paralyze your school crush
Now you're older and the weight is on your shoulder
Make the world a little colder
No more hidin in the old day
Be strong
Don't you give up hope
It will get hard
Life's like a jump rope
There'll be a bump and there will be a bruise
There'll be alarms and there will be a snooze
There'll be a path that you will have to choose
There'll be a win and there will be a lose and
You gotta hold your head up high and
Watch all the negative go by
Don't ever be ashamed to cry
You go ahead
Cause life's like a jump rope
I want to tell you that everything will be okay
That everything will eventually turn itself to gold
So keep pushing through it all
Don't follow, lead the way
Don't lose yourself or your hope
Cause life's like a jump rope
Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
Cause it will get hard
Remember life's like a jump rope

Wednesday, December 16

Nothing says Christmas...

like the chaos of a pre-school Nativity program.
I may be a bit biased but I think that this Mary-

And this shepherd-

were the cutest kids in the show :)

Friday, December 11

Food for Thought Friday

Are you a "real" Christmas tree fan or "artificial"?
I prefer a “real” tree but I have an artificial one. It’s so much easier to deal with than a real one.

What is the earliest and latest you have ever sent out your Christmas cards?
Ummm…. I usually don’t send Christmas cards so if I get them sent at all it’s a miracle. I’m really good at buying them and then never getting them in the mail. This year I swear I’m going to mail them before the 20th. (Maybe having it in writing will actually make it happen.)

Do you decorate the outside of your house?
I don’t have a house to decorate the outside of. If I had a house to decorate I would decorate the outside but only with single strands of white lights. Nothing that blinks or plays music or anything like that.

Midnight Snack
How close are you to being done with your Christmas shopping?
I think I’m about half way done. I need to make a list (and check it twice!) to see where I stand.

Thursday, December 10

Beware of Flying Sharks!

I realize that the title of this blog post will only make sense to these 6 people but I just couldn't resist :)

Several weeks ago we had a little party for the release of New Moon. It was complete craziness but it was so much fun! We had TwilightMOMS that came from California, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico and Georgia! Some of them I hadn't had a chance to meet in person yet. It was fabulous to see them all!

I took just a few pictures of the weekend (as usual) here are just a few-

Don't I have the most beautiful friends?!?!?! I'm so blessed!!!

Sunday, December 6

A very happy fangirl!!!

Yes, that is Peter Facinelli wishing me a happy birthday! No, it's not some other girl named Amy, it's me specifically. I think I can die happy now :)

Thank you Gabby, Kara, Kelly & Lee!!!

Saturday, December 5

The Deathly Hallows

The wait is going to be terrible but it's going to be so worth it! Just these little clips have me so excited!!!

Dh Preview One - Funny blooper videos are here

Wednesday, December 2

The Cleaning Fairy!!!

Here's something that not everyone knows about me- I am a slob. It's a sad but true fact. My apartment often looks like a bomb went off in it. With all the craziness over the last few weeks it's been even worse that usual.

This is what I came home to tonight-

The cleaning fairies had been here!!! (Their names are Amanda and Amanda.) I can't remember the last time that counter was cleaned off. They even folded my laundry!

And made me yummy coconut chicken curry!

I am SO spoiled!!! Thanks gals!! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift! (You totally made me cry!)