Tuesday, January 26


My sweet Spencer turned 12!!!! I'm not sure I'm ok with that!!

Happy Birthday Spence!!! Love you more than the stars ;)

More birthday party pics coming soon!

*The title of this post is something Tracy used to say to Spence and he would laugh and laugh and laugh. It was so cute!!


~tracy~ said...

Oh he is so cute! I can't believe he is 12! And we have Tyler to thank for the toot toot toot thing, it was his 2 year old idea of the ultimate slam. Love it.

I remember Mr. Spence smiling so hard his cheeks swallowed his eyes at it.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Sure do love this kid!!!! Thanks Amy! Those pics were fun!

Lynners said...

Love this guy. I think he gives better hugs than just about anyone I know!