Friday, February 26

Fangirl Friday

Bones is my very favorite show on TV right now. It's intelligent, fun and fabulous!! I love the characters, the actors, the writing- all of it!! It just makes me happy :) 

The Squints are on a break for American Idol but they will be back April 1st!

(There is a slight possibility that I'm passing the time until a new episode by re-watching season 4. Have a mentioned that I LOVE this show???)

Thursday, February 25

500th Post Celebration- Sparrow Blu Giveaway!!

Apparently I talk a lot (shocking, I know!) because I have managed to reach 500 posts here on this silly blog of mine.  To celebrate my chattiness and to reward you all for reading my mindless ramblings I'm going to have a giveaway!!

 I'm giving away any item from my friend Stacie's Etsy shop, Sparrow Blu.

Here are Erin and Stacie at their booth at the New Moon Experience- aren't they adorable?!?!

Here are some of my gorgeous friends, all wearing products from Sparrow Blu- don't they look fabulous?!?! ♥ them!!

Here's what you have to do to enter. Simply go peruse Stacie's shop and then leave a comment here with the one item you would like to win.  It's that simple :)

The contest will be open until Monday the 1st at midnight mountain time. Thanks for playing!!

Friday, February 19

Fangirl Friday

If we are friends on Facebook or Twitter the subject of today's Fangirl Friday will not be a surprise to you at all. My current fangirly obsession is the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics!! I can not tear myself away from the TV when they are on.

The Olympics make me all emotional. I cry all the time when I'm watching them. The athletes stories, the medal ceremonies and the Star Spangled Banner all bring me to tears. The commercials get me going as well.

And now that I've made you cry I have to post this picture to make you feel better and because he's so darn cute....

Go Team USA!!!!

Friday, February 12

Fangirl Friday

Blue October has posted the promo for the 2010 Pick Up the Phone Tour and I LOVE it!! This purpose of this tour is to raise awareness for suicide prevention. (It's last year's tour rescheduled. The original was cancelled due to Justin's hospitalization) They aren't coming to Salt Lake but they are going to Denver and I'm seriously considering going to that show.  I would have a place to stay free of charge so I just need to find a really good airfare. Plus I would have the added bonus of hanging out with family for the weekend :)

Have you noticed I haven't blogged about Blue October as much? There's a reason for that, you can find it here.

An update on last week's Fangirl Friday- I finished Linger and it was AMAZING!!! It was beautiful, mysterious and heartbreaking- 5 stars!!

Wednesday, February 10

Hunger Games #3 Title & Cover Revealed!!

I'm so excited for this!!! I LOVE the cover and the title. I can't wait to get a hold of this book and get all the answers I need!!

Is it August 24th yet?!?!?!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, February 7

A House Divided

We have a Superbowl party every year. We have it at our house so that we can be divided into the group that really cares about the game

And those of us that just want to watch the commercials and eat.

Personally, I think those of us in the commercial/food room have a lot more fun :)

And just because you were dying to know the Volkswagen 'slug bug' commercial with Stevie Wonder was my favorite.

I normally don't care at all who wins the Superbowl but I was really excited New Orleans won just for Kyle's sake.

Friday, February 5

Fangirl Friday

The woman that used to post my Food for Thought Friday questions apparently is on a break so I'm trying to come up with some other Friday alliteration and Fangirl Friday seemed to be a good fit.

My fabulous friends at Page Turners got an advanced reader copy of Linger by Maggie Stiefvater and they were kind enough to put me on the list of readers. It arrived today and I'm SO excited to read it!!
It's the sequel to Shiver and isn't going to be released until July 20, 2010. The fact that I have it in my hands definitely makes my inner fangirl squeal!!

If you like Young Adult Fantasy I would highly recommend Shiver. It's a beautiful story!