Friday, February 12

Fangirl Friday

Blue October has posted the promo for the 2010 Pick Up the Phone Tour and I LOVE it!! This purpose of this tour is to raise awareness for suicide prevention. (It's last year's tour rescheduled. The original was cancelled due to Justin's hospitalization) They aren't coming to Salt Lake but they are going to Denver and I'm seriously considering going to that show.  I would have a place to stay free of charge so I just need to find a really good airfare. Plus I would have the added bonus of hanging out with family for the weekend :)

Have you noticed I haven't blogged about Blue October as much? There's a reason for that, you can find it here.

An update on last week's Fangirl Friday- I finished Linger and it was AMAZING!!! It was beautiful, mysterious and heartbreaking- 5 stars!!

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Jenn said...

WOO HOO luv it, and all BO is doing to bring awareness to this cause. Cannot wait for the concert!!