Friday, March 12

Fangirl Friday

I have multiple celebrity crushes. One of my top five is Ewan McGregor-

Any man that can wear a kilt that well deserves a spot in the top five, right?

One of my all time favorite roles that he plays is Christian in Moulin Rouge. Not only is he beautiful but he can sing too!!!! *thud* (Men that can sing are my weakness!)

If you want a really good laugh go to YouTube and search for Ewan on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. They are hysterical together!!! (remember that it's late night and so it might not be family friendly)


Janelle said...

I definitely need to see the movie to watch EM singing! And I'll ck out the Craig F clip too.

Brian and Ashley Baker said...

I love him too! His voice in that song is just amazing! I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you for sharing :)