Sunday, March 28

Spoon Me

How did I not know how fabulous this place is?!?!? Spoon Me is frozen yogurt heaven! In addition to the fact that it's yummy, the name and menu is brilliant! (And it's good for you!)

This was my amazing concoction- Natural yogurt with raspberries, kiwi and cheese cake bites. Oh. My. Goodness!

Check out their site to see if there is one near you. If there is go asap! You won't regret it, I promise!!!


Christy said...

It was SO good!! I want to go back right now. It was a refreshing little treat! Next time I want to try a smoothie.

JulieBelle said...

You should try Frogurts as well. It is self-serve and they have about a dozen different flavors. delightful.

and if you get to NYC, go to 16 Handles. It's my favorite :)