Friday, April 30

Fangirl Friday

I love Google. This will not come as a surprise to any of you that know me well. I love all Google products (except Wave but I think that's only because I haven't used it enough yet). My friend met a bunch of the big-wigs from Google once through her work and I was devastated when she told me that they weren't very nice. Oh well, I'm still a huge Google fangirl!

Wednesday, April 28

Blue October in Denver!!

When Blue October first announced the Pick Up the Phone Tour my friends Donna, Janicca and I decided to go to the Denver because it was the closest stop to us. (Donna & Janicca live in California) My DC trip came up later :)
Saturday morning we all flew into Denver and headed down to The Gothic Theater to get in line. (Blue October concerts are always general admission so the lines always start early.) Here is a bunch of pictures from our adventures-
Why yes, that is me with Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer of Blue October. Go ahead be jealous, I'm ok with it ;) Justin came out to visit fans that were in line. It was so cool!
Janicca, Me and Donna outside the theater. We were so excited to finally be seeing Blue October together!!
More random line pictures-
Janicca looks like she's having a fangirly moment because of Justin but it was actually a run in with C.B. at Starbucks :)

(The other shoe in this picture is Sonya's. She's my friend that lives in Denver and came to the concert too. Somehow we didn't get any pictures of us together except for the converse pic.)

After many hours in line and standing through the two opening acts we finally got what we came for- Blue October!!! It was an amazing show!! This was the smallest venue I've ever seen them in and I was on the 2nd row. It was unbelievable!!!

After the show we went out to the buses and got pictures and autographs with all the guys :)

(This is my favorite pic of the night!!!)

We weren't ready to say goodbye yet and we were starving so we went to Denny's to rehash the concert and act like silly fangirls. It was fabulous!!

Nothing like Moons over My Hammy at 2 am!!!

Wordless Wednesday

(Ok, so I can't be completely wordless- I know I'm kind of scary in this picture, I had just gotten out of bed after staying up much later than someone my age should, but I still think it's cute of Shori and I.)

Tuesday, April 27

The 6th Annual 1-800-Suicide Press Conference

This post has been rattling around in my head for the last couple of weeks. I haven't quite known how to put my experience at the 1-800-Suicide Press Conference into words. I've decided to not even try. I'm simply going to say that the hour and a half that was spent at the press conference was worth the entire trip. I would have flown out to DC just for the press conference. The concert the night before was amazing but this was the reason I went. It was a priceless experience. I left the event inspired, humbled, angry and motivated.

I have video of several of the speakers. I'm not going to post them all but you can see them here. I wish I had recorded everyone.

Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October spoke and was brutally honest about his hopstilization last year and the things that went wrong. After hearing him speak I'm even more of a Blue October fan than before. (Who knew that was possible?)

Blue October also performed 3 songs-
Hate Me

Into the Ocean

Black Orchid

Friday, April 23

The New (and much improved) Eclipse Trailer

I like this trailer a lot more than the first one. We get a much better feel for how the movie is going to be. June 30th!!!

Fangirl Friday

Can I be a fan of a drink- is that possible? Well, I am, even if it's not really something to be fangirly about.  I ♥ Diet Coke! It's the nectar of the gods!!

Sunday, April 18

Weekend Getaway (aka I really need to move to the East Coast)

My weekend adventures began at a very early hour on Saturday. (I'm posting this picture because I know a lot of you don't believe that I've actually ever seen this time of day)

I flew into Baltimore where Tara picked me up. When this whole weekend was planned she graciously said she would put me up for the weekend so that I didn't have to pay for a hotel (which would have made the trip impossible so I was extremely thankful for her). We went to her house where Sarah (aka Tink) joined us. I didn't take a ton of pictures so I'm posting this one from the concert so you can see who these two fabulous ladies are. I met both of them through TwilightMOMS and go to hang out with them in both Forks and at TwiCon.
We started out the evening at Ava's which is an adorable pizza place in St. Michael's. I had an amazing pizza with caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese on it. We also splurged on the cupcake of the day which was very yummy.

After dinner we went back to Tara's and watched the DVD of the Breaking Dawn Concert with Stephenie Meyer and Justin Furstenfeld. (Did you expect any less? We met because of Twilight and were going to a Blue October concert the next day.)
The next day was the concert so after a yummy breakfast at Perk (which I didn't take any pictures of) we headed into DC. My pics from the concert are in the previous post.

Monday morning was the 6th Annual 1-800-Suicide press conference on Capitol Hill. I'm going to write up a whole separate post about that because it was so amazing. That hour and a half was worth the entire trip. Hopefully I'll get that posted in the next couple of days.

After the press conference we headed back to Maryland. Tara took me on a tour of St. Michael's, the cute town that she lives in. It's so fabulous! I would love to live there! Check out some of the scenery-

We also stopped at this little Irish shop that was a little piece of heaven on earth! One day I will go to Ireland, I swear it!

These are for my Twilight friends- 2 variations of the Cullen Crest ;)

Monday night we had dinner with my friend Amy D. We were so busy talking that the hours rushed by and we had to leave when the restaurant closed. We didn't get any pictures :( I do have a picture of Amy and I at TwiCon though. She's the beautiful blond in the middle ;)

Sadly my time on the East (or right, as Kara calls it) Coast came to an end too quickly. Tuesday morning Tara and I had breakfast and then headed to BWI :(
I had such an amazing time and am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. Once again, I'm in awe of all the great things Twilight has brought into my life. If it hadn't been for a book about vampires and werewolves I would never have met Tara, Tink & Amy or heard of Blue October. This is why I still love Twilight and this is why I am thankful that I found a little cyber home called :)

Friday, April 16

Fangirl Friday

Oh my Blue October!!! What an amazing concert!!! As usual, they guys were phenomenal! I can not put into words how outstanding Blue October is live. It's not something that can be explained- it's something that must be experienced in order to understand it. This concert seemed to mean even more because of the purpose behind the Pick Up the Phone tour, to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Here are just a few pictures that the three of us took-

One of the highlights of the concert for me was seeing Ryan perform PRN. Ryan is a genius on the violin and hearing this performed live was a dream come true.  I only got video of part of it because I'm short and once he started moving I couldn't get a good shot anymore but what I did get is so good.  Enjoy!!

More posts on my weekend coming up.... gotta get caught up on real life then I can blog about the press conference and spending time with my fabulous friends.

Friday, April 9

Fangirl Friday

You know how I've mentioned that I'd like to be a Blue October groupie? Well, I think I may be taking my first step in that direction. I'm flying to Washington DC this weekend to see them in concert.  Wait! Stop thinking I've lost it! I'm not crazy, I promise!!

The purpose of Pick Up the Phone Tour is to raise awareness of suicide prevention. As part of the tour there is going to be a press conference on Capitol Hill involving To Write Love on Her Arms, Hopeline, Post Secret and Blue October.  

The press conference is the reason I let myself be talked into going to DC. Yes, I did allow it to happen. I really, really wanted to be at that press conference.  The fact that I get to go to a Blue October concert the night before and see some of my East Coast Twilight friends is certainly an added bonus.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I just couldn't let it pass me by.

I know it's crazy but I'm really excited! I'll be posting lots of pictures and video here when I get back.

Monday, April 5

Easter Dinner

Because of school and prior commitments I missed out on the egg-dyeing and hunting plus it was Conference weekend so we didn't go to church so Easter didn't really seem like Easter this year. The only Easter-ish thing I did was go to dinner at Grandma Moody's on Sunday. We had a fabulous meal (which included deviled eggs and hot cross buns- yum!!!), visited and watched the kids run around. It was a great day!