Tuesday, April 27

The 6th Annual 1-800-Suicide Press Conference

This post has been rattling around in my head for the last couple of weeks. I haven't quite known how to put my experience at the 1-800-Suicide Press Conference into words. I've decided to not even try. I'm simply going to say that the hour and a half that was spent at the press conference was worth the entire trip. I would have flown out to DC just for the press conference. The concert the night before was amazing but this was the reason I went. It was a priceless experience. I left the event inspired, humbled, angry and motivated.

I have video of several of the speakers. I'm not going to post them all but you can see them here. I wish I had recorded everyone.

Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October spoke and was brutally honest about his hopstilization last year and the things that went wrong. After hearing him speak I'm even more of a Blue October fan than before. (Who knew that was possible?)

Blue October also performed 3 songs-
Hate Me

Into the Ocean

Black Orchid

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