Wednesday, April 28

Blue October in Denver!!

When Blue October first announced the Pick Up the Phone Tour my friends Donna, Janicca and I decided to go to the Denver because it was the closest stop to us. (Donna & Janicca live in California) My DC trip came up later :)
Saturday morning we all flew into Denver and headed down to The Gothic Theater to get in line. (Blue October concerts are always general admission so the lines always start early.) Here is a bunch of pictures from our adventures-
Why yes, that is me with Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer of Blue October. Go ahead be jealous, I'm ok with it ;) Justin came out to visit fans that were in line. It was so cool!
Janicca, Me and Donna outside the theater. We were so excited to finally be seeing Blue October together!!
More random line pictures-
Janicca looks like she's having a fangirly moment because of Justin but it was actually a run in with C.B. at Starbucks :)

(The other shoe in this picture is Sonya's. She's my friend that lives in Denver and came to the concert too. Somehow we didn't get any pictures of us together except for the converse pic.)

After many hours in line and standing through the two opening acts we finally got what we came for- Blue October!!! It was an amazing show!! This was the smallest venue I've ever seen them in and I was on the 2nd row. It was unbelievable!!!

After the show we went out to the buses and got pictures and autographs with all the guys :)

(This is my favorite pic of the night!!!)

We weren't ready to say goodbye yet and we were starving so we went to Denny's to rehash the concert and act like silly fangirls. It was fabulous!!

Nothing like Moons over My Hammy at 2 am!!!


Jenn said...

Awesome!! I am totally jealous of your pics with Justin, twice I've met and gotten pics with all the other guys and still not with Justin LOL - 3rd times a charm :-)

Christy said...

Love the pics! So jealous! Why didn't I go with you?

Lynners said...

How cool that they give so much fan-love! Looks like you made some great memories. Cute pics, as usual!