Friday, April 2

Fangirl Friday

This last week has been a good one for Stephenie Meyer book news. (Which is so much better than movie news!) In addition to last weeks announcement about The Host in paperback with an extra chapter we got the news this week that she is publishing a novella about Bree Tanner, the newborn vampire in Eclipse. Way back when Eclipse first came out Stephenie commented that she would like to spend a little more time with Bree. This is from her Eclipse FAQ's-

Are you going to post outtakes and extras for Eclipse?
Outtakes, no. Why? Because I don't have anything good. I didn't cut anything major or funny this time.
Extras, not for a while. I do have a couple of fairly large extras I want to do, but I can't work on them until I'm done with book four. Eventually, I'm planning to write the story from Bree's perspective—how she met Riley, how life was amongst the newborns, how she found and lost love in the middle of the chaos, how the Volturi were involved, etc.
The short story will be called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It is going to be available on June 5th. It will be available to read online for free and in book form. I will, of course, be buying a copy. My Twilight Saga collection wouldn't be complete without it!

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staciemag said...

I preordered this as soon as I heard the news. I'm thrilled that Stephenie has been writing again, and I hope it means her "muse" has returned in full force. :)