Friday, April 16

Fangirl Friday

Oh my Blue October!!! What an amazing concert!!! As usual, they guys were phenomenal! I can not put into words how outstanding Blue October is live. It's not something that can be explained- it's something that must be experienced in order to understand it. This concert seemed to mean even more because of the purpose behind the Pick Up the Phone tour, to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Here are just a few pictures that the three of us took-

One of the highlights of the concert for me was seeing Ryan perform PRN. Ryan is a genius on the violin and hearing this performed live was a dream come true.  I only got video of part of it because I'm short and once he started moving I couldn't get a good shot anymore but what I did get is so good.  Enjoy!!

More posts on my weekend coming up.... gotta get caught up on real life then I can blog about the press conference and spending time with my fabulous friends.

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