Friday, May 28

Food for Thought Friday


Who will you be thinking mostly about this Memorial Day?
Our soldiers that have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms.

What are your Memorial Day traditions?
I don't really have any Memorial Day traditions- usually there is a bar-b-que at some point in the day. It's a pretty laid back day for me.

How many graves do you usually visit on Memorial Day?
None- does that make me a bad person? Growing up we never lived by where any of my relatives were buried so that wasn't ever something we did. Now that I live closer I still don't. Memorial Day has always been more of a military holiday for me as opposed to a day to remember family members who have passed away. Maybe I need to reevaluate my outlook on the day.

Midnight Snack
What is one thing you hope to remembered for?
My fabulousness! (I'm joking!!! I'm not that shallow, I promise!)

This is a difficult question and it's too early for me to think that deeply... what will you remember me for?


Janelle said...

What I will always remember about Amykins ~
Your superior wiki-woman intelligence and wicked humor! Your generous heart and willingness to help other people! Your love of family and loyalty to friends! Your appreciation of music and excitement for live entertainment! Your committment to your job and your support of co-workers!
Ummmm...was this supposed to be only a one thing answer?!?

Ben said...

hearing the wind! j/k - probably that you still refer to me as "Baby Benjamin" at times. Nah, I'll remember your smile. That's what will stick out.