Tuesday, June 29


Sad, little, pathetic blog. Hopefully one day your owner will have something exciting to post that will revive you.

Sunday, June 20

The Oreo Game

Last night we all gathered at Amanda's house to celebrate Father's Day and Ken and Andy's birthdays.

Somehow we ended up playing a game from 'Minute to Win It'. Each player starts out with an oreo on their forehead. The point of the game is to get the oreo from your forehead to your mouth simply with facial movements. Your head is supposed to stay tilted back but that didn't always happen.

The game was highly amusing to watch and provided us with a lot of laughs.

What can I say? We're easily amused :)

Here are some random shots from the rest of the night just for fun.

Saturday, June 12

40 Years!

(How cute are they?!?!)

Happy 40 Anniversary Mom & Dad!! Love you!!!

Monday, June 7


I'm not going to admit how many times I've watched this already- SO excited!!!!

Sunday, June 6

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day I headed down to Pangutich to spend the 3 day weekend with family.

Laura, Lyn (her mom) Justn, Tegan and Shori came over from Denver to spend the weekend also. It was great to see them and get to spend some time with them, especially since they won't be able to make it to the family reunion in August.  We bbq'd, played on the neighbors playground, watched a couple of chick flicks, went to Bryce Canyon and to Mammoth Cave. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

Friday, June 4

Fangirl Friday

Here are a couple of videos that have made my inner fangirl happy this week.

This is Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry singing Fast Car at the Daughtry concert last week. Love it!!

This is a cover of Phil Collins In the Air Tonight. They performed this when I saw them in concert and it blew me away. WOWZA!!