Sunday, July 18

Little Baby Ben

I sat with Ben and his family today in church today. As I watched him interact with his boys I thought of the moments of obvious adoration his boys have for him I've managed to catch with my camera recently. I realized that I hadn't ever posted them here and that I really need to share them so that the rest of the world can be reminded what a great dad he is. As my youngest cousin he'll always be little baby Ben to me but to Will and Howie he's the best dad around. 

What lucky boys they are!


Ben said...

Thank you!. You really didn't need to. Thanks for being such a great cousin so that you're like a sister.

Lynners said...

You are so sweet! (And spot on as usual) Thanks for helping to make "Little Baby Ben" the most amazing person I know. Love you!

Lynners said...

BTW, cute pics too! ;) Thanks for sharing.