Wednesday, July 28

A whirlwind trip to Austin

When Blue October announced that they were doing a Texas only acoustic tour I knew that I wanted to go to one of the shows but I didn't think it was going to be possible because of the fact that the concerts were scheduled on the same weekend that Christy, Kim and I had planned to go to Durango. I didn't want to pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity so I bought tickets to the Austin show which was on Thursday night and decided to figure something out. Thursday was originally planned as the driving to Durango day so I bought one way ticket to Austin and then a one way ticket to Durango on Friday morning. (Yes, I am psychotic)

At the before crack of dawn on the 22nd I flew to Austin. Luckily I have some fabulous friends that live in Austin that I got to visit while I was there. I had dinner with Lauralee, Jennifer, Katie, Jessica, April and Stephanie. 

We had yummy Mexican food and even yummier dessert. I'm seriously considering moving to Austin just for the Tres Leches.

Katie and I headed to the concert. It was amazing, phenomenal, fabulous, fantastic, moving and 100% worth the trip. I was blown away! I wish I could put it into words but I can't.

After a grand total of 18 hours in Austin I boarded another plane and headed to Durango. (Details of that trip coming soon.) I know it's crazy of me to travel for that short of a time but it was something I really wanted to do and I don't regret it one bit. I made a Blue October fan out of Katie so I will have to go back to take her to a regular concert. Next time I'm going to go when it's not so hot and stay and actually do some sight-seeing.

The rest of my concert pictures can be seen here.


Janelle said...

Yes, you need to go back, discover all the weirdness of Austin!

Janelle said...

Hey, you never told me there were FRESH STRAWBERRIES on the Tres Leches, for heaven's sakes!!! That takes perfection on to a whole other level!