Sunday, August 29

Seattle (Part 2)

Day two of our Seattle trip started with us getting in touch with our inner geeks at the Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Museum.

I'm not going to post all my pictures from the museum because it would show you how complete of a geek I am. Let's just say that there was lots of science fiction movie and music memorabilia that I really enjoyed seeing. I'll only torture you with one picture from the museum because it's just so cool. I loved this sculpture of guitars and other instruments!

After the museum we went back to the hotel and met up with Christine. The plan was to spend the afternoon in the Seattle Aquarium but first we stopped by Pike's Market for lunch (and to put money in and rub Rachel the pig's snout for luck).

After wandering around the market for a while we made our way to the aquarium. WOW! I LOVED the aquarium- it was unbelievable!!
We ended the day at the Cheesecake Factory with some red velvet cheesecake :)

All of my pictures our Seattle adventures can be seen here.

Wednesday, August 25


I was up until a horrible hour of the morning finishing this book. I knew I would get sucked into the world of Panem the moment I started it and wouldn't be able to put it down. I also needed to finish it quickly so that the ending wouldn't be spoiled for me. (Don't worry, I won't post any spoilers here.)

When I finished the last page the only word I could come up with was WOW! Suzanne Collins ripped my heart out, broke it into a million pieces, stomped on the pieces and then put it back together again in a forever altered state.

What a beautiful conclusion to the trilogy!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 24

Seattle (Part 1)

A group of my Twilight friends and I were planning a trip to Forks and a few of us decided to go early and spend a few days in Seattle. Amanda, Jen and I arrived on Sunday night and Christine joined us on Tuesday morning. I was going to try and get the entire Seattle part of the trip into one post but I've only done 1.5 days and there are already too many pictures in this post so I'm going to have to break it down into two posts. (Sorry for the picture overload!)

Sunday night after we all arrived (Jen from England, Amanda from Pennsylvania) and checked into our hotel we went in search of dinner. We wandered around for a while and found Pike's Market but nothing was open down that direction. We finally found a PF Chang's (yum!) and then headed back to the hotel.

Monday morning we were up bright and early (partially due to a very full itinerary and partially due to Jen still being on England time). We headed to Pioneer Square for breakfast.

Jen had done a ton of research and had found a bookstore with a cafe in it so the plan was to have breakfast and then wander in the bookstore. Sadly the bookstore part was being remodeled but we still had a great breakfast.
After breakfast we wandered towards Pike's Market. On the way we stopped in several stores and may have been a little silly ;)
I loved Pike's Market! It was so much more than just a bunch of guys throwing fish around (which is what I thought it was going to be).
There was the seafood, lots of really big seafood.

And there were flowers. I was amazed by all the fresh flowers. They were gorgeous and cheap. If I lived in Seattle I think I would have fresh flowers at my house all the time.
There is a spice store that I'm sure has every spice on earth. It smelled heavenly in there!

We had donuts that were made right in front of us. They were so good! (Tip: eat them while they are hot. They are not good cold.)

There was tons of fresh produce there too. It all looked so yummy. I wanted to take some of it home with me but that wasn't practical so I had to make do with the samples they were giving out- to. die. for!

After we wandered through the market for a while we went to Beecher's to try their macaroni and cheese that several people had raved about. I'm not a huge mac & cheese fan so I didn't have high hopes but oh my goodness was I surprised. It was delicious!!

Random photo op :)
Our next stop was the Seattle Underground tour. Did you know that Seattle burned down and was rebuilt a level higher? I didn't either. The original underground is still there and you can tour it. The tour was cheesy and full of toilet jokes but it was still interesting.
After the Underground tour we headed to Ivar's for dinner. The view alone made it worth going to dinner there, add to it clam chowder, fish 'n chips and creme brulee and you have the makings of perfect dining experience.

After dinner we headed for the Space Needle. The plan was to get there just before sunset so we could see the view during the day and at night. It worked out perfectly.
After many hours of walking all over downtown Seattle we were exhausted so we headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night.

Day 2 coming soon...